Should you be worried about ubiquinol and it’s side effects for weight loss?

15 Oct


I recently discovered this youtube video with information on ubiquinol and the associated side effects with the supplement.  While it is claimed that there are no known drug interactions, there is one side effect that should be noticed.  Ubiquinol has the tendancy to lower blood sugar and cause lower blood pressure.  These two “side effects” are ones that should be taken note of it you already have low blood pressure or are a diabetic.  While these aren’t life threatening side effects, they could cause potential problems if you haven’t consulted a doctor on your supplement plans.  There has been a lot of information on both coq10 and ubiquinol side effects in the media in the last few years.  Most notable was Dr. Oz giving the supplement a tremendous recommendation on his show.  If you are looking for a miracle weight loss supplement, ubiquinol can possibly help, and is probably something that as we age…..we should take anyway.  But, I wouldn’t put all my eggs in the ubiquinol basket,  weight loss comes from consistency over time with both training and diet.

If you are looking for more information on ubiquinol or coq10 check out this related link


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